"Colors of Future" is a call for future, promising all the little hearts out there, a better future than they actually live. Children everywhere are to be cherished and that respect for and protection of children is a shared human value, WE work to promote child empowerment.

About Us

Childhood is the time you learn whole lot of things for the first time. That is when you need the proper guidance and support. When allowed and encouraged by adults who trust and believe in them, children are capable of some truly amazing things. All we do here is support our children.

Perhaps it may be the first time in the world history that an NGO is being officially registered in the name of a minor girl. Janaki Jayaraj, a little Indian girl is that sweetheart to have earned that title to run an NGO at this young age.

Our Work

Colors of Future, literally pours some beautiful colors over tomorrow's canvas.

Why bother with all of this?

Children with a healthy, positive mentality would never give up in their life. They are less vulnerable to pressure from their peers, bullying and other outside negative influences. So, we promote child empowerment to the fullest. Not just empowerment can reach our kids nowhere, they should be given proper guidance and education at the right time. We provide it, free of cost. Daily/weekly tuition classes are provided according to the requirement. In addition, career guidance classes too.

Sexual Abuse, a difficult subject for many people to talk or even think about, is an unfortunate reality for n number of people every year. We provide awareness to help with sexual abuse prevention. Our children must stay safe from all such dreadful instances.

Financial assistance is provided to the most deserving children on demand.

Locate Us

Our headquarters is located at
151 Ellis Street, NE, Atlanta, GA 30303.
To contact our Constituent Services department,

email us at info@care.org or call 1-800-422-7385.

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